Monday, November 29, 2010

Second Chance Brides, Lydia's Charm, Love Is Grand

I don't usually lump three books together, but these are very good reading.

Second Chance Brides, by Vickie McDonough, is the second in  her TexasBoardinghouse Brides Series. If you remember from the first book, Garret and Luke Corbett, cousins of Sheriff Luke Davis, had advertised for a bride for Luke. Luke still loved his old sweetheart, who was now widowed and with a daughter.

This book begins with the wedding of Luke and Rachel and a tornado. There are two brides left in Lookout with no desire or means to return to their home. The Corbett brothers pay their rent at the hotel until they marry or gain employment to be able to pay it themselves.

They devise a way to help the girls get to know other available men. Well, let's say both of the brides marry, but it is fun reading to get to that point. Very good book.

Lydia's Charm, by Wanda E. Brunstetter is another wonderful Amish book. I have read Wanda's books since I began reading Christian Fiction, from School House Brides, to Lydia's Charm. 

Lydia is widowed with a small son and returns to live with her mother and grandfather to Charm, Ohio. (I love the way Wanda puts her books in different settings.) Lydia has no desire to remarry. Tragedy strikes Lydia and her mother after her grandfather dies.Two men are interested in her. One is a widower with four boys and the other never wants to get married, but he is drawn to Lydia.

One thing that interested me in this book was the little people. I had never thought of them being Amish, but now that I think about it, it is a good wrinkle in an Amish book. I enjoyed reading this book.

Love Is Grand, by Annalisa Daughety is about the Grand Canyon. This drew me in because I love the Grand Canyon. This is also the first book by Annalisa I had read, but I am sure there will be more.

Ainsley Davis was widowed the day she and her husband found out she was pregnant. She and her daughter hide in her parent's basement. She is so depressed that she does not want to go out or see anyone. She does however, decide to return to the Grand Canyon and her old job as a Ranger. He niece goes with her to care for the baby and hopefully forget a very bad boyfriend.

It is hard for Ainsley to get back in the grove of her old job. She has friends in the Canyon and also meets a new handsome man. Her life path takes many changes. Will she become interested in Jake McGuire, a new face with none of the memories? Or, will she draw closer to Dustin Cooper, a fellow ranger that she has know for years? This is a very good book and I didn't want it to end.

Update on Sandi Rog. She enters the hospital today for more chemo. The doctor tells her it will not be as bad as last time. She has also shaved her head since her hair was already falling out.

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