Saturday, November 20, 2010

This Week

We have been gone most of the week. My husband's brother-in-law passed away suddenly Monday afternoon and we have been away for the funeral. We all view greatness differently. Bob Simerly was a great man. A devoted Christian, husband, father, grandfather and friend to many. He will be greatly missed on this earth. Our family get-to-gathers will not be the same. He had a wonderful sense of humor and kept us all laughing.

We arrived back home last night, tired and still shocked that Bob is gone. This morning, my knees are swollen and tight. I've had the ice bag on once and will do again as soon as it refreezes. This will be a lazy day for me, but I will be fine.

I would like to encourage Carol Bazzel to notify me of her address so I can send her a copy of The Master's Wall. If I do not hear by Monday, a new name will be drawn.

Today will be a day for me to rest. Laundry will wait until Monday. I'll have a review on Monday if everything goes well. Have a good week-end.

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