Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

We have had a very busy year this year. It started in January when my husband had cataract surgery and then three weeks later, I had cataract surgery. The best part is that I only have to wear glasses for reading. I had worn them for years and it is so good not to have to now, but I still try to push them up on my face and take them off when I dress. That part is getting better.

In May through July, we moved completely from Tennessee. Part of the farm was sold and that has taken some stress off us. We still have the house and about sixteen acres to sell. We are praying that it will come about this year.

My husband usually has a big garden. He planted, but we didn't get much rain. Everyone has told us this has been an exceptionally dry year. I hope so. We didn't want to move to the desert. The corn came in and my daughter-in-law and I froze plenty of corn.

In August, we received a call from our daughter at church camp. She had broken her leg. She was swinging across a creek on a rope, jumped too soon, and broke her leg just above her ankle. There were several trips back and forth to Nashville and I stayed about two weeks for her, shuttling her daughter back and forth to Goodpasture Christian School. It was good to be with her, but not for that reason. She is doing well now and has a slight limp.

As the summer progressed, the pain in my knees did also. Finally I found a highly recommended doctor. He turned out to be wonderful, but he was so booked that I had to wait until the last of September to have my left knee replaced. It has been wonderful and the right knee is scheduled for January. My writing did take a hit during the recovery. I could not sit. My normal writing place, in my office, was not comfortable.

While I was in the hospital, my daughter called to tell me we had lost a great friend. Sharon Prichard was not only a good friend, but a wonderful Christian. She was a lady in every way. She fought a brave battle with Multiple Myeloma for almost ten ten years. Heaven is brighter today. We pray for her husband Bob and her children, Melissa, Jennifer, and Nathan during this season without her.

It's taken a while to recover from the knee replacement, but the surgery was worth it. Our son lives six miles from us and we see the grandchildren often. I couldn't get them to spend the night with us tonight. I tried, but they wouldn't do it. After the next surgery, I will be able to have a full and busy summer.

My husband has taken up fishing. A few days after my surgery, he asked if he could have a "leave of absence." He had been so good to take care of me and my house is easy to negotiate. He and his fishing buddy fish two or three times a week when it's warm. Neither of them are cold weather fishermen.

My writing is coming along nicely. I have started my second book and I've just gotten the edit on the first one back. Monday I start in earnest correcting it. I am still excited about it.

Several people who have helped me along my journey are: Sandi Rog, who is battling T-Cell Lymphoma right now; Susan Page Davis and Sandra Robbins, we try to spend one day a month together and they have turned into my good buddies; my encourager, Brooke Cox; and my wonderful friend Lyn Williams. You guys rock and I love all of you so much. Most of all, my husband, Jerry. He asks me each day how much I have written.

So from my family, Jerry, Diane, Ron, Savannah, Larry, Oma, Chet, Josie, Graysoon, and myself, may this be the best Christmas ever!!! Merry Christmas.

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