Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wounded Spirit by April Gardner

A new book was released this month and it is a very good read. There is a lot of history, which I love, and a lot of information about the Creek Indians. Here is an interview with April.

AG: Hi Katt! I’m waving at you from Nashville!
KA: Since you are a new author, tell us a little about yourself.
AG:I’m a musician (very mediocre!), a home school mom, and a lover of all things “travel.” So far, my favorite destination has been Ireland.
KA: April, I enjoyed the history in your book. How did you learn about the McGirth family?
AG: Research into my family history led me to their story. I remember I was on a trans-Atlantic flight, going home (from Germany) to my sister’s wedding when I came across the McGirth’s story in Griffith’s McIntosh and Weatherford. From the moment I read of their struggles, I knew it had to be put into a novel. I’d never written before, but thought I may as well try!

KA: Having been born and raised in Tennessee, I knew of Andrew Jackson’s hate of the Indians. Was it difficult to show the gradual turn of events to Adela’s love of Totka?
AG: Yes, it was! One of the most difficult parts was creating balance in the story. There was so much hate toward the Muscogee during that time. The massacre was a horrible event, but the Creek really did believe in their cause and they also had good reason to be angry. Adela is simply a character who understands that. She somehow manages to see the Creek side of things.
KA: I was fascinated by the battle scene at the fort. Was it hard for you to reconstruct that battle?
AG: Actually, no. There were enough survivors to pen down the day’s events with accuracy, so history books are chock full of details. Minus the terror, I feel like I was actually there.
KA: Do you plan to write other books about Indians?
AG: I’m working on the sequel, Warring Spirits. Although it won’t be as historically driven, it still deals with the Creek and their attempt to regain their footing after the war.
KA: Where do you write, an office, a bedroom, a dining room?
AG: I love to write in bed with my netbook. This time of year—under my electric blanket!
KA: What brought you to writing?
AG: This story actually. I wanted to see it in a story, so I figured I’d better write it.
KA: What are you wearing now?
AG: My sock monkey flannel pajamas. J
KA: What is the best moment you have experienced during your writing career?
AG: Last week’s Amazon Launch of Wounded Spirits!! What an amazing turn-out. By mid-day, the book hit #1 in Christian fiction. It’s now a best-seller!
KA: What do you find the most difficult thing in writing?
AG: Finding the time. There just isn’t enough in a day.
KA: Is your next book finished? If so, when will it be published?
AG: Answered above.
KA: Thank you so much April for taking time out of your schedule to answer these questions. I look forward to reading more of your books in the future and I know my reader’s will enjoy this book.

AG: Thank you for having me!! I love to hear from my readers at Can I put in a plug for Clash of the Titles? Readers, you’ll love this new literary site. Authors compete with excerpts from their books, and you judge! Voting takes place every Monday and Tuesday and there’s always a chance to win a book, so make sure you check it out!


  1. Congratulations on the release of your book. It sounds so good. I especially like that it gives some Indian history. We don't have enough stories that do. Wishing you lots more sales.

  2. I just read your book last night! Congratulations on your first book being published. It is such a hard thing to write about.

  3. Thanks, Gail! You're right. Not enough stories that honor our Native heritage.
    Thanks for having me here today, Kathy! Stay warm tonight. This ice-storm is supposed to be a rough one!

  4. Hi Martha! Thanks for supporting Wounded Spirits!

  5. It's my pleasure, April to have you visit us. Thanks for writing such an interesting book with so much historical detail. We did not get any ice, just rain. It's messy now.