Monday, December 20, 2010

No Post Friday

Friday came and went with a flurry of excitement. Christmas is always exciting for me. Don't remember what I did much on Friday, but clean the bathroom. Now that's about as exciting as you can get!

I remember what it was now. School plays. We had two to go to. One at 9 a.m. that our youngest grandson was in and then one at 2 p.m. that his two older siblings were in. They were so cute. The programs were excellent and the director always does a good job.

When we returned home, after going to the grocery store, we were worn out. I had not sat on bleachers since last year and they make your back hurt. We did get to visit with friends at the school. It was a good day.

Not much decorating has been done this year. I won't have much to put away after Christmas. The presents are wrapped, except one. I need to finish with it today and wrap it up before a grandchild comes over.

The past year has brought about several changes. My husband and I both had cataract surgery the first of 2010. I've adjusted to not wearing glasses. I had worn them since I was ten years old and that has been a big adjustment. I'm still working on it. Then my knee surgery in September has been another adjustment.

We have made wonderful friends both in the community and at church. Even with the hot summer weather, it was a good year. I look forward to more interesting things happening in 2011.

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