Friday, December 3, 2010

Writing Again

Since my knee replacement, I've had a hard time getting back to writing. I've edited and joined several groups to write so much in a month. I missed all my goals to write a certain amount in a month. I have to get out of this vicious circle.

December 1, I decided I was going to write 1,500 words a day. So far, I have exceeded that amount and I'm happy. I want to get most of this book finished this month. With surgery coming next month, I know I won't be able to write for a while.

It will be difficult to write in the recliner this time. I usually lay my computer on my right leg and I'm close to a table that holds my mouse and other junk. I'm right handed and my table is on the right side of the chair. With this being my right knee, I don't think I can do that. The incision will be above my knee cap and right where my computer hits it.

If I sit any other way, I'll have to move all the furniture in the family room. I don't want to do that. So, I will have to work something else out.

The new book, that I call Susannah's Hope, is coming along nicely. The words seem to come to me better than they ever have and I'm pleased to be able to write my goal each day.

I need to get my goal accomplished today and get ready for my granddaughter to come spend the night. I think we'll bake cookies tomorrow.

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