Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Winner of The Master's Wall

The original winner of The Master's Wall never contacted me, so we have a new winner. The new winner of the Master's Wall is...Kathleen Maher. Kathleen, send me your address and I will contact DeWard Publishing to send your book. Congratulations, I know you will be encouraged to read this book.

Sandi is in the hospital now and receiving chemo. Please pray for her during this time.

This blog is going to be a lot of this and that. Not much is happening except getting ready for the Holidays. I usually don't decorate before the tenth of December. That's what my mother did, and I guess I'm following in her footsteps. It seemed it was a tradition growing up to decorate on December 10.

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful. Our son-in-law is overseeing the building of a Boy Scout Camp in Middle Tennessee. Some of the cabins are finished. We left Wednesday afternoon for our five hour trip to the camp. It is very secluded and beautiful. We went to church in Sparta, Tennessee on Wednesday night and visited with the preacher for a few minutes. He grew up where we attend church now. It was a good visit.

Never try to find a secluded area at night! We tried and got lost. Finally we arrived at the road leading to the camp and my wonderful son-in-law was there to guide us in. It was several miles off the road to the camp and most of the land was camp owned.

We arrived at our cabin. Before I could get out of the car, granddaughter #2 came running out and exclaimed, "This is not a cabin." It was more like a luxury hotel. Not the cabin she was used to at church camp. We had private bedrooms and private baths. There was a complete kitchen, television, laundry, and anything else you might want. It was quiet, so quiet.

Thursday, the rest of our extended family arrived. Our son and family and come with us and our daughter and granddaughter #1 was already there. That left the extended family of my son-in-law. They drifted in through the day. We had seen some of them when there had been a death in the family, but we had not seen most of them in some time. Little girls had turned into beautiful young women. It was wonderful. We visited, caught up on each other, laughed, and had a great time. I almost forgot, we ate! I'm looking forward to doing this again.


  1. How fun that sounds! I have set December 10 for my decoration starting too and didn't even know grandma did that. Hoping to keep the excitement a little while longer!

  2. I don't know why she did that, but she always said we couldn't decorate until December 10. In her later years, she started decorating earlier, especially when you all came for Thanksgiving/Christmas together. Memories are good.