Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The hardest thing I find in writing is scheduling my time. My life is being filled with too many distractions, and I want to concentrate on doing what I know I must do. Write.

Last week very little writing was done. Corn had to be frozen and beans had to be canned. Corn is the messiest thing in the world to work with, so I had a kitchen to get cleaned up. This week started pretty good, and then yesterday our water heater died.

We have a large pantry and our water heater is in it. I had stuck stuff in there when I couldn't find a place for it, so it was full and the water heater was leaking. Now the pantry is clean, but a lot of junk is in the kitchen floor. That will have to be taken care of today.

My writing time is between nine o'clock and twelve o'clock. That is my best time to write, but again sometimes things get in the way. I can do laundry and write. No problem. I cannot cook a meal and write. That is much too hard and too much running back and forth from the office to the kitchen.

Afternoons are usually doing chores and resting. I usually don't get to write anymore until after dinner. The evenings have been good for me. More gets done in the evening, if we aren't going anyplace else. I can't very well play catch-up when I'm not home.

It's a little past nine, so I think I'd better start writing. Have a good day. Do you have any hints on finding writing time?


  1. Time! this is the constant enemy, isn't it?

  2. Yes, Tracy, it is. We have to have it, it's using it wisely. Maybe it's the way we look at time. We should be happy we can enjoy what time we have.