Friday, July 1, 2011

Changing Plans

Boy, did I have my week planned out, I thought. Monday afternoon, I received a call from a nurse at a gastroenterology center where my doctor had referred me for a colonoscopy. Because of my many colon surgeries, I have to have one fairly often. It was time.

This was a new doctor and I loved by old doctor in Tennessee, but I would not go that far for a colonoscopy. Anyway, the nurse said she had an opening on Thursday at 10:00 a.m. Things started going through my mind like, did I have time to get the preparation, could my daughter keep us, you know the things anyone would be worried about. She managed to answer yes to all my questions, so I was on a roll.

The prescription was sent to the pharmacy on Tuesday and the fun began on Wednesday. We made it to Nashville before the party started. This was the easiest prep I have ever had. I remember the first one I had, and it was not that easy. By nine o'clock I was fine, except when I drank a coke. That's another thing, I couldn't have coke five years ago. This was much easier.

Everything went well and I loved the new doctor. She was very understanding of my prior problems and took us to a private room to talk to us. I was impressed. I will go back to her again.

Then some bad news. I thought I had an agent lined up, but his boss did not want to give me a contract. That's the way it goes in writing. I am back at square one, and I don't like it one bit. How do you make people understand that the book is about a race and not a religion?

The best part is that I have other places to go. I want to get this book published, and then like Julia Roberts in  Pretty Woman, I can go back to the agent and say, "You do  work on a commission, don't you? Bad choice."

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