Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I did finish this book, and it was good. I'd give it five stars. Susan did a wonderful job to keep us in suspense. I felt so sorry for Anne. She seemed to always be two steps behind her uncle. They do finally meet, but it took a long time. That made the book interesting. It seemed the closer they got, the farther away he became. I guess I loved the chase.

In The Ladies Maid we knew Daniel Adams had feelings for Anne Stone. After all, he asked her to marry him several times. Well, he cools it in this book and you begin to feel he doesn't care about her. That's what makes it more exciting. He helps her find her uncle, so he did still care about her.

We meet Millie Evans and Sam Hastings who are determined to keep Anne away from her uncle. And Peterson returns from the first book. Susan Page Davis does a wonderful job with this book.

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