Friday, April 13, 2012


Last night, I finished Angel of the Cove. I wanted to finish it before we left on vacation. Sandra Robbins did a good job telling us about the people of the Cove. I've been there, but I never noticed the cantilever barns. Next time we're in the area, I'll have to see them. I don't think we had them were we lived. Very good description of them in the book.

One thing that is interesting about the mountains is the people found in these valleys and hollows, Each one has their own differences. They have been in those parts for so long and probably never seen outsiders, so they develop their own swy of living. It's sort of like a Code of the People. A Code of the Cove, or a Code of the Ridge, or a Code of the Valley. They shy away from outsiders. They are afraid of them. Afraid they'll think them strange and laugh at their ways.

It's the same in this book, but Granny took Anna in, and it helped her to connect with some of the Cove people.The description of the Great Smoky Mountains was beautiful, the haze that hangs on it and the colors of the trees and bushes. The language she used for the Cove people was so accurate. That made the book more interesting.

The time of this book was before the government made the people leave the Cove. It had to be a much different time than what it is today. We drive through the roads today and can't imagine what the farmers had to go through. It was a wonderful description of the time before civilization came to the Cove.

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