Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I never had heard of Etsy until my daughter started her store a couple of years ago. She  has been so busy with it that she has finally started calling it her "Sweat Shop." That's the first place she goes after work. She's also a big scrapbooker. You can find her on my right hand side as Di's Tidbits. My store name is

She finally talked me into making dresses or clothes for 18 inch dolls. You may know them as American Girl Dolls. Our granddaughter got one for Christmas and I've made a few things for her. I have big ambitions, but it's hard to find the time, or as much time as I want, to make them. Right now I'm behind on my writing and I need to finish by May 15. I just lack 30,000 words, and it's doable.

Besides the doll clothes, I have one mug rug. It's green, but I need to make other colors. They have a pocket to put a cookie, napkin, tea bag, spoon, or whatever in, plus a place for a mug. I like them so much. I think my writer's group will get them for Christmas.

I am trying to read a slow book. Don't you hate that? The book comes out May 1, and I should have started it after Christmas. It is so slow. I do want to finish it by May 1, but I doubt if I will.

This is the last blog I write today. I need to write as much as I can. I'll get back to the pictures of our vacation by next week. My husband is getting strawberries now, so we'll be busy, plus going to a band concert in Nashville tomorrow and a chorus concert on Saturday. Have a good day. I'm already tired.

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