Thursday, April 5, 2012


You probably think all we ever do is travel, but don't believe it. It seems it comes in spurts. We are in a spurt right now and may have one more trip to go. I know we'll be going to Nashville the last of the month for our granddaughter's chorus concert. That is, if she's able to perform. She has had pneumonia for almost three months. The doctors can't find out why she can't shake it. She has a CT scan scheduled today, so maybe they can find the problem. She's sixteen and too young for this to happen.

We went to Paris, Kentucky last week. I'd been to Lexington, but never to Paris. It was so beautiful, and we all enjoyed our visit there. We saw the horse farms, big horse farms, and went to Cane Ridge Meeting House. I loved that.

Several years ago, I started writing a story about the Restoration Era and it would end at Cane Ridge. In doing research I found Barton Stone visited the town I was born and raised in, Rogersville, Tennessee. There is a spring there that ebbs and flows like the ocean. It's one of two in the whole world. He writes about visiting the spring. I've been there many times as a child. It is privately owned, and the owner does not allow any visitors now. It is interesting.

We stayed three days, but enjoyed every day of it. I want to go back later this summer. I'm going to stay home and write for a few days now.

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