Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Yes, this is our last big trip for a while. It is a vacation, a very excitable vacation. I wouldn't tell this ahead of time, but we have very good neighbors that look out for our house.

We are going to Lamesa, Texas. I've never been there, and my husband and I are sooo excited to go. Yesterday we went to town to get all the last minute things we would need. I've decided my headaches are triggered by noise, so I stocked up with ear plugs.

Why West Texas? My husband has a niece that lives there. We have not seen her in over thirty years. She ran away from home when she was fifteen and she is now fifty. I don't think she'll mind me telling her age. We found her about a year and a half ago, and she is still the same sweet girl she was when we last saw her. We've never met her husband or her children, so we're so excited to meet them.

I'll have to send pictures either while I"m there, or when I get home. My friend, Ms. Computer, will be with me. In fact, that's the only thing we'll be carrying on. I will carry on my purse.

My suitcase is beginning to fill. I have some sewing to do today and laundry of course. When do we ever not have laundry? I'm try to get everything done ahead of time so I won't stress over it at the last moment. I'm a big stresser. I don't think that is a word, but I just made it one.

I'll write again Friday, and probably won't Monday. We'll be flying out Monday morning. All I ask is that you pray for us to have a safe trip.


  1. How neat that you were able to be reunited with your husband's nice. I'm pryaing that you have a safe and relaxing trip.

    1. Thanks, Heidi. We are so excited! It is wonderful that we found her and we had to go to a funeral to do that. We were looking at a picture of her as a child and then a picture of her as an adult, she hasn't changed that much. We'll know her when we see her. Keep praying. Thanks.