Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We made it here with no trouble. We hadn't flown in three years, and flying had changed. It seemed the security was not as strict as it had been before. The difference of flying out of the country and flying in the country probably had something to do with it.

Our flights did arrive in time, and we had a nice lay-over in Dallas. We had time to find our next gate and eat lunch. The flights all left on time, which was good.  Before, I've always waited on the tarmac either coming or going in Dallas. That was never fun. It gets hot in the plane when you have to wait. This time there were no stacked up planes leaving or coming. It was a great comfortable flight.

It has been so good to see our niece and part of her family. So far, we have had a ball. I'm loving every minute of it. We've met two of her sons and will meet another one tonight for dinner.  It is so good to reconnect. We never thought we would see this day. There have been a lot of tears shed these last two days. What a blessing to find our niece and her family.

I may not get to write any more until Monday.

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  1. Glad you made it safely! Hope you have a wonderful trip!