Wednesday, July 18, 2012


When I started this blog several years ago, I was dedicated to write as often as I could. During the way, things came up, and I was unable to write. Now I am trying to be more diligent. It's a little hard today, because I really have nothing new to write.

I am half way through editing Callie's Mountain. Callie will be the first book I will publish. She's been a part of my life for so long, and I'm anxious to see her in print. Do you read ebooks or paperbacks? Leave a comment. I'd like to know. I know my cousin, who reads my blog daily, reads paperbacks. Thanks Carolyn for being my faithful reader. (I know this will surprise her.)

This is short, bit I'm still excited about Mantle Rock Publishing. I pray for good things.


  1. I read both paperbacks and e-books on my Kindle. :-)

    I'm planning on starting a new blog on teaching the Word to women. I can't wait!!!

    Love you so MUCH! xxx

  2. I am just getting caught up with my blog reading. What a great idea! I just purchased my first kindle a couple of months ago. I read both, but Kindle is definitely winning out. I even read the Bible on Kindle now.

    Judy :)

  3. I read both. I read the Bible on my iPad, and use it to teach my class. I read more books, hardback and paperback than I read on the iPad or Kindle at present because I am so far behind reading my actual books. My iPad and Kindle are for traveling and taking to the dr's office to read.

  4. Right now I'm reading more Kindle than I read paperbacks. I have the Bible on my Kindle and I do my daily study on it. So convenient to have it by my bed at night. Today I received a paperback from two of my friends, Traci Peterson and Judy Miller. Can't wait to start reading it. Thanks for all the comments.