Friday, July 20, 2012


Yesterday I lacked thirty pages and Callie's Mountain would be finished. Yeah! My part of the edit would be done! Chapter 23 loomed before me, but it wasn't what it should be. There were three chapter missing. Where were they? I usually keep deleted parts of the book, but these were no place to be found. I had to rewrite those chapters because I thought they were important. Apparently someone else thought they were not.

Last week we had taken my husband's computer to the shop. He had been getting a blue screen with white writing when he turned it on. When you see that, hurry to the computer shop. It is trouble. Well, his computer was dead, real dead, rotten dead. We purchased a 'new to you' computer. He became stuck putting his things back on his computer, so I spent part of the afternoon helping him (doing it myself). Finally I got to the point where he could take over.

Back to my computer and writing. At 9 o'clock I was almost finished with adding the chapters and my eyes were crossing on the screen. I had to give it up and go to bed. Oh, the life of a writer.

My plans were to finish editing last night and get it to Sandi Rog to edit. It will probably be today before I get it to her. Now that my brain is calm, I remembered where my lost chapter may be. Got to see if I can find them. Pray for rain for us. Our grass is crinkly when we walk on it, but it's stopped the moles from digging up our yard, an it's too hot for flies. Some advantages for hot dry weather.

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  1. I cannot get on my dashboard to write on this blog. I am working, but not able to do anything to get on. I may have to shut the blog down and start another one. I am very discouraged with google.