Monday, July 9, 2012


Yes, that's right, six books to read this month. I've finished one, and I'm almost finished with the second. Plus, I've read bits and pieces of two of more of them. They are non-fiction, but are good. The heat makes a good time to read. It's too hot to do anything else but read or write.

Finally I am over my writer's block. I could shout "HALLELUJAH!!!" I am so glad to be moving along with my story. My characters were looking like paper dolls, but they are beginning to have a little life blown into them now. They are moving and doing funny things. 

I want this to be a funny book. Not serious, but fun. The black moment has me a little blocked. I don't know how I'm going to get there, but I think it will come to me before too long. It has to be real. I've tried one thing, but it didn't work. Now, I'm on to another idea. 

There is a murder. Don't you just love killing off the bad guy? He was too mean to live. Now I'm sounding like God. He was really too bad to live. 

That's enough about me. How are you handling the heat? Please drink a lot. We're staying in during the afternoon. I hope you all are too. The mornings are usually nice, but around noon it starts getting hot. We need rain, as I'm sure most of you do also.

Keep cool. Hopefully the weather will be cooler before long.

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