Thursday, May 23, 2013


Sandra Robbins' latest book, A Lady's Choice, hit the book shelves recently. This is another historical by Sandra, but not a mountain historical. I have loved the two that are out about the Smokey Mountains. This one is a little later in time, and lots more historical stuff. This is one of Summerside Press' American Tapestries series. Sandra is in the company of good authors.

A Lady's Choice is about the suffrage movement, Women's Rights, is a better name for it. Personally, I have taken voting for granted as something we, as Americans, ought to do. But what about the one's who could not vote in the early 1900's? How did women feel in that day?

Sandra did a very good job relaying the feelings of women who felt they were being ramrodded by the men. They had no say in anything. Women at that time were a subservient people. Their husbands had them "under control."

This book gets into the Women's Rights Movement. As I read the book, I was reminded of the Civil Rights Movement. Women were treated much like the blacks in the south during the 1950's-60's. Men had no clue to what or how women felt. I was surprised at the number of women who told Sarah they were secretly on her side.

The love of her life, Alex Taylor, goes to work for a man very much against women's rights. Sarah does not see how she can go any further in their relationship unless he quits his job. Sandra does a wonderful job in letting you feel her distress and Alex's also. Very good writing in that area.

When Sarah is sent to Occoquan Workhouse and treated so badly, we get a glimpse of what she went through. Then the "Night of Terror" in that prison, and the beatings, abuse, and downright dirty treatment of the women, I felt her plight.

I enjoyed this book very much. Hang in there in the beginning, even Sandra will tell you it starts out slow. Then hang onto your chair because you will be rewarded by the rest of the book. Very good. I give it 5 stars.

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