Tuesday, May 7, 2013


One of the best programs in America, and the world, is Boy Scouts of America. I may be partial because my son-in-law is employed by BSA. We are a BSA family. My son was in BSA. I love what they stand for. At least so far.

When something is running smoothly, there will always be a kink. The kink in BSA is whether to allow homosexuals to be scout leaders. I am totally against it. Most of the BSA are against it, but our government says they have to allow gay men to be scout leaders, you cannot discriminate against them, so our government says. In fact, there will be a national meeting of the BSA beginning May 22. Do you want a gay man to be your son or grandson's scout leader? I don't. It's hard enough to find good leaders, and now they want someone who does not believe what God teaches to be a leader? No way!

You may think there is nothing you can do, but you can let your voice be heard. Go to http://www.onmyhonor.net/email-bsa/?share=1 and fill out the form. Send a note to the national council, council leaders, and whom ever else it states. Tell them what you think. Stand up for your rights! If we let this slip by, we are making a bad mistake for our young boys.

I never ever meant for this blog to be political or religious, but if we don't make a stand, things will continue to happen. Should Christians be political? Yes, that's why the country is in such a mess. We have set back and let things happen. If we do not speak out about atheism or homosexuality, we will have to live with it. I beg each of you to become friends with your political leaders. Let them know how you feel. We may feel like we are the minority, but we can be the majority. We need to be heard.

Pray for the Boy Scouts to uphold what they have been teaching the boys. Pray they will make the correct judgments by doing what is scripturally, not politically, correct. Keep God in Boy Scouts of America.

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