Thursday, May 30, 2013


When strawberries are ripe, it's officially summer for me. This year the strawberries were a little late because of the cool spring we've had. We did manage to find a couple of gallons at our favorite Amish farm, and they are delicious.

My hubby and I usually take a little trip to Princeton, KY two or three times a year. We have a special restaurant we love to eat in outside of Princeton. This year, our youngest granddaughter, Josie, graduated from elementary school, so we took her for lunch to Adams Breezy Hill Farm. It' is a working farm where they sell produce, but it is also a quaint little restaurant with homemade bred sandwiches and delicious fillings. They also have delicious homemade ice cream. I highly recommend the coffee when it is available. The peach is wonderful also.

This was Josie's first trip to the restaurant, but I think she'll want to come back. I always have their chicken salad with grapes and walnuts, on sourdough bread. It is delicious! Josie had a hamburger, as most 11 year old's would have, but she said it was delicious. Hubby gets the pork chop sandwich. It is huge, with 2 pork chops on it and pear jelly.

We started going to Breezy Hill Farms about two years ago. It is such a treat, and we've been know to make up reasons for this treat. It's not fancy, but rustic with antiques and grapevines with tiny lights. I noticed Josie taking it all in and enjoying the ambiance. The restaurant has grown so much since we began visiting it that they are now enlarging their dining room and are building a rock pizza oven. I can't wait for that to get finished.

The Amish farm where we get strawberries is just down the road from the restaurant, so we made two trips in one. We did get delicious strawberries and I made freezer jam yesterday. My grandchildren call it, 'Grandma's red jelly." That's the only name they've ever used for the jam. I make several cartons and try to save them when the family or friends are here for breakfast.

We did all this Tuesday, and Tuesday night we headed for church. Not our usually night for service, but the area churches of Christ have a Summer Youth Program. They go between churches each Tuesday night during the summer. It is so wonderful to see so many young people singing and worshiping together. Afterward, the church served hot dogs, nachos, and all the trimmings. We had 405 people, and probably fed around 350. The singing was beautiful. The sound of that many people singing acappella was beyond words. We have over 200 in attendance on Sunday mornings, but the singing is never like it was Tuesday night. Words cannot explain it.

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