Thursday, May 16, 2013


Tuesday afternoon I wrote the last sentences to Susannah"s Hope. I think I'm going to put a short chapter on the end of what I have written. I hinted to a present she has for Val when they get home, so I need to bring that to life. I loved the way I ended it. So much seemed to be coming into my head, or rather the characters moved me.

Now, to do other things. Several years ago, I began a series of lessons for women. I have three finished that I could find. There were more, but the computer crashed that I had them on, and I didn't back them up on a flash drive. But, it is fairly easy to re-do. My elevator speech: Teaching women how to deal with problems in their lives by putting God first.That's under the allotted fifteen words. Basically, that is what the book will be about. We all have problems, but if we put God first, they are easier to deal with.

The premise of the book is a spider web. Satan is the spider, always trying to lure us into his web. We have to clean out that web each day in all areas of our lives. I will go into our Christian life, family life, friends life, and other areas. There will be thirteen chapters or lessons. Since I have a good start, I hope I can finish it by the end of June.

When I looked at what I had written years ago, I was amazed at how well it was written. A lot better than my novels. Maybe I should think more about writing this type of books. I have another one in my head about the Golden Years. So many people wait to die when they reach 60. There's so much more to do, and older people have so much time and knowledge to help others.

When will Susannah be published? I hope soon, but we are still critiquing and there are 36 chapters. I want it finished now, but I know I have to wait. God is teaching me patience.

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