Tuesday, May 21, 2013


The last couple of days have been bad with a bunch of tornadoes coming across the southwest. There is nothing worse than having a tornado race through your property. The reports are staggering and my heart goes out to those who where in harms way.

Last night we watched Fox News and the interviews with the survivors. I remember one woman telling about the way it felt in the storm shelter when the twister came over.She talked about the pressure that felt like the storm was coming in. She nailed it! The pressure is unbelievable, and the noise is deafening. The pressure seems like it wants to suck you in. Nothing compares to that feeling.

My heart goes out to everyone, but especially the parents who lost children at the school. I know their feelings. Tragedy is something we never forget, and I pray God will heal their hearts. You'll never forget it, but there is healing.

Right now the parents feeling is so raw. That's the only way to explain it. When I talk to parents who have lost children, I explain it like a surgery. Something has been ripped out of your body and the incision is raw and hurting. In time, the incision heals, but there is a scar. The scar reminds us of what happened, and the scar in our hearts will always be there. Each day, it does get better, if we let it. Trust in God and faith that you will see your loved one again helps with the healing.

We had storms last night, and I see a dark cloud on the horizon as I write. I don't like the days after a tornado. Storms pop up everywhere. We have several American Christian Fiction Writers in the areas that were hit. I pray they are all safe as their families are.  You are all in my prayers.


  1. It really was and is horrible. Everything that's good for us is so expensive that too many can't afford what they need, like the safe shelters. I was trying to remember which of our author friends and on my FB that live in that area. I have family there in OKC, but all are safe. It is such devistation to see the pictures and then think how many haven't been found yet. Just have to pray for them all.I used to live in OK. and KS. I once saw a house that had much damage and they had chickens still alive and running around with no feathers. I have never forgotten that memory. I was a teenager. if you know some of the people would like to know. Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com I know there was lots of damage in Sharon Srocks town, but think it was from tornados the day before. They are fine.

  2. Thanks Maxie, for telling me about Sharon. I have not been on the web to see who lived in that area. I am limited to only 45 min. at a time on the computer, and 3 hours a day. So with the blogs I do, and a little writing, I'm pretty limited to search or play. I should have a little more time by next week. it's a blessing no more were killed than reported. The town looks horrible.