Friday, May 10, 2013


I'm just popping in to wish every mother a wonderful Mother's Day. No matter how you spend it, enjoy the day.

First row: Chet and Josie. Second row: Jerry, Katt (Kathy in real life), Grayson. Third row, Diane, Oma, and Larry, Fourth row: Ron and Savannah

It's special to be a mother, whether biological of by adoption. Sometimes I think about my children when they were small, and I miss their chubby hands around my neck. They are adults now and their children are growing up.

I thought you might enjoy a picture of my family. My husband, Jerry Cretsinger (I very rarely tell our real last name); our daughter Diane Turpin, her husband Ron, and daughter, Savannah; and our son Larry, his wife, Oma, and their three children Chet, Josie, and Grayson. I'm very protective of my family and hate to put their names on the internet. I'm proud of Diane and Oma for being such wonderful mothers.

Every mother, enjoy the day. Remember your children if they are not with you. Think of the joy of being a mother.

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