Thursday, August 27, 2009


This morning as I sit at my desk I hear a train in the distance. Most of my life, I have lived close to a railroad track. Growing up I have memories of watching the train twice a day. In my very early years, I can remember a coach car. People would ride to town and back and I can still remember it stopping to let people off.

As time went on our little train station started it's demise. We first lost the turn around. The engine would head into it and mules would turn it around where it would be heading out. I have a faint memory of my grandfather taking me to see that event.

I guess I have always loved trains, the noise of the rumble of the wheels on the tracks, the whistle to remind anyone on the tracks to step off and the sound in a distance of a soothing sound.

This is one sound I will miss. It has put me to sleep many a night and sometimes kept me up. When our daughter passed away, the engineer did not blow the whistle in front of the house to show respect. I doubt if I will ever forget that.

I also remember a night spent in Arizona where the track was right behind the motel. Each time the train went through, the beds shook. I felt like I was in the Lucy segment where she, Desi. Fred and Ethel were being shaken across the floor when the train came through. I don't think we slept much that night, but the air conditioner was so loud that it drowned out the noise of the train. After a while, the shaking put you to sleep.

Change is what makes up our life. Whether it is moving, or living where you are. There is always change. You can do two things with change. You can never forget what happened and live in remorse all of your life or you can accept it as an adventure and enjoy it to the fullest.

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