Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Maybe Finally

Yesterday I tried to write three times. Each time I hit something and my blog was gone. Trying to get it right today.

Friday night I had a rough night. I think I slept three hours. I'm looking forward to the sleep apnea test in a couple of weeks. Maybe they can help me sleep.

During this sleepless night, I started thinking about a book I have had in my head since we were in Scotland. I wondered how hard it would be to write in first person. I tried it Saturday morning and it was much better than I thought. This novel will be in first person, a real change for me.

We have guests this week. My son-in-law and his dog are here to work on the room. The dog is entertaining our dog, so that's okay. We bought flooring yesterday and it is beautiful. I would never go back to carpet. I love the hardwood. My allergies are so much better with it. Everything is coming along fine. I am anxious to get my clothes and my husband's clothes moved in.

I think I may be able to write today. I do need to clean up my house, but I have someone helping me tomorrow, so that will help me. If I can straighten up today, she won't have much to do tomorrow.

I'd better get busy. It seems like it is going to be warm here.

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