Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Crazy Day

Today will prove to be another crazy day. Last night my husband resigned from work and is now retired! I know we will both feel so much better. Money may be a little tight for a while, but we will adjust. We will also get more packing accomplished.

Today we meet with the Realtors who will be listing our place. I didn't sleep much last night worrying about this meeting. I really don't know why, I've been in the business and I know nothing to fear about it. I couldn't fall asleep long enough to rest well. This will change today. I feel confident about our Realtors. They are honest people. The surveyor will meet with also about dividing the farm in lots. There are so many beautiful building spots and we want to make the best choice for buyers.

We are keeping a couple of acres with the best building spot and the most wonderful view. The children have talked about a vacation home, which would be nice to have a little shack on top of the hill to look at the mountains each day.

Finally, I feel confident about my book. I had been discouraged lately. One year editing three chapters is a little much. My new editor is very encouraging and we have my voice back in it. Callie becomes the sweet, stubborn, determined girl she was in the beginning. I want to do more to chapter two today.

It's rainy here. A good day to get some work done with the packing and the book. I'm excited. Did I say that yesterday?

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