Thursday, August 13, 2009

Having problems

This is weird. Since I crashed my computer about a month ago, I can't save Blogspot to my favorites. I try each time I do a blog and it just won't work. Modern technology? Probably is and then it could be me.

I'm very excited the way my book is going. We call it a WIP, Work In Progress. That poor book has been in more progress than the sailing of the Mayflower. I have written and re-written until I am blue in the face. I think it will be working out now. My editor wants me to finish it and I do too. Thanks, Sandi.

We think we have found some property we like. Our wonderful daughter-in-law looked at it yesterday and took pictures. Her pictures are a lot better than the realtor's. It has storage which is important. She said a "huge" pantry. I've never had a huge pantry.

I'm going to look at more on the internet today and tomorrow. There may be something I have overlooked.

I'm still cleaning out drawers. I many pack away some books today. I hate to start packing right now, but it will probably work out best. Plenty to do today and tomorrow. Have a wonderful day.

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