Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Finding time to write

It is so hard to find time to write each day. With summer and all the extra chores, it is even worse. So I have a plan.

When I have to sit down to rest, I write. I get a little in each day. The only problem is when I sit down to write, I get sleepy. My sleep apnea test is in two weeks. I could have had it earlier, but I was in Nashville when they called. I would love for them to call today and I could get some help sooner. My son-in-law tells me I will feel so much better.

I'm waiting right now on the editor I hired to get some chapters back to me. I have tried to do what she was doing in the following chapters, but I don't think I am a success. I do not wait well. I am not a patient person.

At this rate, I will be working on the same book for ten years and I don't want that. On top of all this, we have decided to move closer to our children. The realtor comes tomorrow to look at the property. This is stressing me some.

It is hard to leave where you grew up. My family has lived on this property for over 150 years. That's a long time. I know we need to do what we feel is best. Property is not that important to me and I am willing to do it.

The exciting part is making new friends. Almost like starting over. Our son has offered us a house he and his wife have as a rental. We are trying to decide whether we want our own house or rent. It is a hard decision, but we do have time to think about it.

That's all my woes for today. I'm ready to get busy and have a wonderful day.

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