Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I've Been Slack

There are several who read this blog daily. I'm afraid my mind has been on other things lately, but I am trying to get back on track.

I've been correcting my manuscript, which is a slow process. I like the way it is going. I should have an interview with Callie and Jacob before long. They are such a sweet and funny couple. Maybe if I start one in the beginning of the book and introduce everyone to them and then one later on in about the middle of the book. Never one at the ending. I don't want to spoil anyone who will not buy the book when it is published.

We have three watermelons in our front yard this year. They are big. They come up every year and we don't plant them. Last year we had one that weighed fifty pounds. This year I think they will each be more. The rain we are having is helping them grow bigger.

I've been looking on the internet for houses in Benton, Kentucky. There are two that interests us. Both are neat. One has a garage behind the house and is on four lots in a subdivision. The other is four acres with a pond, machinery shed and workshop. The price is right on both of them. They are both in the same area and not far from my son's house.

We're waiting on our realtor to get back with us about our property. We have also been throwing away, shredding and cleaning up. I'm making a notebook for the buyer. We have kept all of our manuals with our appliances. That makes it easier for them. It's getting exciting.

I have no doubt that this is the best decision for us. Being close to both of our children is important to us.

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