Friday, July 23, 2010

Getting Going

I'm trying to get going, but not very well. Anyway, it's another day of not feeling the best. I think I just had a small panic attack, don't know for sure because I've never had one. It has passed and I'm not shaking so bad right now.

Yesterday I did get back to writing and it felt good. I corrected two chapters, one didn't have many mistakes so it was easy. I started my self-edit on the last five chapters. Finished one chapter and almost finished another one. I need to increase a few more words, but when Sandi gets through with it, there will be around 90,000. I never thought I could write that many words.

Most publishers are asking for between 90,000 to 100,000 words on a manuscript and I am trying to comply. It has finally popped into my head what I am supposed to be doing. Janice Thompson had a class the other night on Passive vs Active Voice. That opened my eyes so much, even though she had told me that several years ago. It finally sunk in.

My biggest problem is Point of View. I have been letting it slip lately. I know what I am thinking but sometimes I let someone else slip in when I put it in the computer. I have to watch that. That's taken a little rearranging of sentences. It's working and all coming together.

The book I am finishing is Callie's Mountain and the next is Susannah's Hope. I need to get a name for the third. It will be set in Tennessee and it is pre-Civil War. In one of the last two will be a story about the Trail of Tears. I didn't know I lived close to where the Indians were marched to Oklahoma. There are several preserves or parks around here and I'm anxious to go in the fall to see some of them.

I've been thinking about a name for the last book and so far nothing has hit me. Callie and Susannah came as a shock when I named them. The names felt so right. I know the titles will be changed when it's published, but I hold those names so dear. Callie is such a pretty name to me and Susannah Cole was one of my husband's ancestors. Please give me suggestions for this last book.

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