Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ozark Weddings

I finished Ozark Weddings by Janice Thompson and Anita Higman. That sounds like I didn't like it, but I did.

There are three stories in the book, Larkspur Dreams, The Love Song and Castles in the Air. All three are set in Arkansas and they are well written. It tells how peoples lives are changed by meeting and getting to know other people. Isn't that like life? So many people we don't really know, but when we do get to know them, our lives are changed. That is what makes life interesting.

Another thing I am doing this month is Novel Track with American Christian Fiction Writers. We are supposed to write every day and keep a count of our words. So far I am at 3,000 words, but I don't like my story. It feels strained and not me, so I think I will can it and start something else. I wanted to write a mystery, but I don't know if I'm ready for it yet. I want to solve it before it begins.

When the next six chapters are edited, Callie's Mountain will be completely finished. I'm doing a little changing that will make it better. I would like to see it finished and start looking for an agent. There are more two books in my head and I may start writing on them.

If you are a writer and have not read Chip MacGregor's blog on Voice, please go to his website and read it. It is so good. I had an editor take my voice away and put their voice in. I almost stopped writing because I hated what I was writing the way they wanted me to. Then another editor read a chapter and told me it was not my voice. I was new in the business and didn't know a lot about editors.

Thanks to my current editor, my voice is back loud and strong. My manuscript is much stronger and more me. They say your personality comes out in your book and anyone who reads one of your books knows it is you. We'll see about that.

Today I'm going to try to start another book and see if I like it any better. I need to do a chapter synopsis before I start.

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