Monday, July 26, 2010

Singing With Over 1600 People

Last night over 1600 people met at the Carson Center in Paducah, Kentucky for the first night of a gospel meeting. The area wide churches of Christ do this each year and this year it is so good. My husband and I have know Keith Parker, the preacher, for a number of years and his preaching is still great.

Keith loosened us up by telling of his showcase win on The Price is Right. He has a snowmobile for sale and also a wave runner. Living in Tennessee, I'm sure he has no need for either, but he made it so funny the way he told it. He also inspired us all to be better Christians.

The singing is always so good in that building. Accapella music with over 1600 voices. It was wonderful! There is no sound on earth quiet like it and I know it was a sweet savor to the Lord. I felt rejuvenated and wanted to work harder doing the Lord's work. I can't wait until we all return tonight and tomorrow night for another wonderful lesson and beautiful singing.

I feel my writing is something God wants me to do. I want to show care and concern for each individual in my books, no matter how mean they are. I want to remove prejudice and hatred of others and most of all I want to show God's love to all of us.

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