Friday, July 16, 2010

Writing Is Wonderful

Yes, I am enjoying my writing. It still gives me the same feeling that it did when I started writing several years ago. Now, I am enjoying networking with authors.

Yesterday, two authors that I respect and enjoy being around, met me for lunch. I think we talked for almost three hours, but it was wonderful and I learned so much from them. You gain so much when someone can talk to you about the hurdles you will face, especially if they have been there before.

How can you talk for three hours? Well, writers are usually gabby people. We work by ourselves and when we get together with another writer, we talk up a storm. It was wonderful to get to talk about these things. We, as writers, need to network.

One thing I have done is to sign up for internet classes given by authors. I get to know that author more through their classes. Camy Tang has some very good writing classes and they are inexpensive. Janice Thompson does also. I would suggest taking any classes by an author. They are where you want to be. Not all do this, but you can find some. To me, they explain things better than a book does.

Tuesday night I sat in on a webinar with Janice Thompson. She had a class on Show, Don't Tell -Active vs. Passive Voice. I needed that. It was free and wonderful. She explained so many things that sounded reasonable. She also offers classes at I think that is the correct address. If not, try

I just completed a course one-on-one with Camy Tang. Camy writes suspense with an Asian twist and she is crazy, so much fun to be around. I've told you before that I took the Synopsis class. Oh, the dreaded synopsis! I hate them, but now I don't mind doing them.

Need to get busy. Have a good day.


  1. Thanks so much for mentioning my classes! I had tons of fun working with you!

  2. You are so sweet. If you read my post today, you will see my harrowing experience lately. You're a sweetie.