Friday, July 30, 2010

Housework and Husbands

In the last forty-seven years my husband has done very little housework. When the three babies were born and when I had had surgery was about the only times. I'm trying to teach him how to do a few things so if and when I have the knee surgery, he will be able to handle the house.

He is not a bed maker! He helped me change the bed the other day and I was so amazed that he would not stretch the sheets and blanket across the bed. I like my sheets and the one blanket to be tight, not lumpy. I kept saying, "Pull it, it won't hurt." But he still would only give it a gentle tug.

He was supposed to vacuum the living room rug two days ago, but somehow fishing gets in his way. The only way I can get him to do it is to turn on the vacuum cleaner myself and then he'll run to me, "If you wanted to done, why didn't you tell me?" I've told him for three days!

The fault is mine and his mother's. Neither of us let him do anything and now I'm paying for it. I've been telling him where things were located all this week. I hate to think he will call me in the hospital and say, "Where is that pan I like?" Or, "Where did you put the crackers?" We molly-coddle our men because that is what we think we should do, but don't.

I will come to his defense. When I can and freeze, he is right there beside me. He loves the food processor. I am so glad it is his friend. What did we do before we had them? I remember, it was the blender. He was never too attached to the blender. If my food processor went out right now, he would head to the store to get another one.

I want to get my house clean today so I will have it finished if I do have to have surgery. No more shots, ever! Tomorrow we have tickets to see Jeannie Robertson. I am so excited. I love her stand-up comedy and her talks about "Left Brain." Several of our friends are going and we will have fun. We have front row seats with another couple. I've never had front row seats before, except in high school. When your name begins with "A", you're usually in the front your freshman year.

Have a wonderful week-end.

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