Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Monumental Day Yesterday

You may ask, why was yesterday so different from any other day? It was a day to act on a decision I made a couple of weeks ago. Here's the story.

About ten years ago a arthroscopic surgery on both my knees, and I was told I would have to eventually have complete knee replacements in the future. Oh, well, the future seemed to be a long way off. When my knees started hurting more a couple of years ago, I just ignored it and thought by taking Tylenol I would get better. Didn't work, so I took something stronger. I don't like the idea of being on narcotics, so I made the decision to call an orthopedic surgeon and make an appointment. That was yesterday.

When the tech took the x-rays, she asked me if I was opposed to surgery. My reply was a resounding, "No." After an x-ray of my hips, because sometimes knee pain can be related to your hip sockets, we went to an exam room and she went to get my husband.

In came the doctor. The sweetest and kindest doctor I have ever met, except one. His hands were so soft they could have held my knees all days. He was so gentle and caring. Enough about Dr. Patel. Now the diagnosis. He showed the x-rays to my husband and myself. My knees are pretty bad, no cartilage. He suggest cortisone shots in both knees.

In the past I have not reacted well to cortisone shots, but they have improved since my last one. I'm usually sick, but this time it was not bad. The most pleasant thing is that I lost two pounds of fluid over night. That made up for the pain.

It takes about thirty minutes to get from the doctors office to our house. I was nauseas a couple of times on the road, but just uneasy. Do I need to share that? Think not. Oh, well, I just did. When I got out of the car and my husband unlocked the door, put his hand on my back and I fell flat on my knees. I thought I was going to pass out. I lay there and cried, thinking about what I might have done to my poor knees.

Today, I am sore and I still hurt a little on the inside of my knees. I am pretty disoriented today and making a lot of mistakes, but I think I will get through it.

Well, that's my tale of woe. Hope you days have been better than mine. My life is a book.

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