Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Boat and the Sailors

Recently, my husband, Jerry, and his fishing friend, Tommy, decided they needed a fishing boat. They could get out in the lake and find more fish, they told each other. Last week, Tommy found a boat and he and Jerry went to get it.

They brought it by the house to show it off. It is a little (and I mean little) John boat. Why do they call them that? Anyway, I saw on the side of the boat, maximum 255 pounds. Those of you who know Jerry, know he weighs in at around 240 pounds. Tommy does the same. Okay, in my math class, that would be 480 pounds, right?

How do two men each weighing almost the limit weight for the boat, float that boat? It wasn't easy for a while, but with Tommy sitting in the back and Jerry in the middle, it stood the 480 pounds.

Yesterday Tom and Jerry christened the USS Minnow (it's about the size of a minnow) and lived to tell the tale. We had several phone calls last night to see if they rowed the boat ashore. It has been good fun. They are laughing with us.

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