Sunday, August 15, 2010

Update on Sick and Hurting

I'm in Nashville right now. I came Thursday and I will go back after my daughter's surgery tomorrow. I may have to come back later, but I will do whatever I am needed to do.

She is not having so good a day today. I think she will be glad when the surgery is over. I know Mama will be glad. We are splitting up duty tomorrow. We, my husband and I, will take her to the hospital at seven to register, etc. Her hubby will take daughter to school and then join us. Then we will be together until she is stable after surgery.

Saturday morning I got up to let the dog out of her pen and put her outside. She waited on me to get up the steps and then stood to wait on me until I got to the back door. I missed the top step and fell on my face and knees. I have a pump-knot on my head and nose, but the dog licked me and patted my hand with her foot. Can it get any sweeter than that? I am sore today and my knees are swollen, but I do not look like a member of the Munster family anymore.

I have plenty to do this week to keep my busy at home. I need to finish my proposal and do a few housecleaning jobs. My main thoughts will be with my daughter. I pray this surgery is successful and her leg heals wonderfully.

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