Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Things Don't Happen Like We Want

Yesterday, my plans were to finish reading my novel, but instead I spent the morning on the phone talking to an insurance company.

When my husband worked, he had Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alabama. When he went on Medicare, he dropped it. That was four years ago. We had BC/BS of Tennessee when we lived in Tennessee. Now, Blue Cross of Tennessee says he was not a member and the doctors have to send all the money back that they paid them. I have proof that he was a member of Tennessee and not Alabama. What is going on? I think someone is a little "tetched in the head" or so my characters in my book would say. When you haven't paid for anything for four years, how can they say you had that insurance? Hopefully, they will get it all straightened out.

Yesterday was also my appointment with the doctor. I will have my left knee replaced on September 20. The doctor gave me a super-dooper pain prescription to help me until then. The pharmacy didn't have it, so I will get it this afternoon.

I was very impressed when the doctor said he would not cut any muscles or ligaments. I will also be able to rotate my knee. One woman showed me her scar and you could barely see it. I'm not vain, so that didn't matter, but it showed me he cared about his patients. He is a very caring doctor and I have been very impressed with him.

I will now have time to get my book all finished and sent to an agent. I hope I don't get anymore calls about insurance today. I need to get this finished.

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