Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Doctor in Petticoats

First, I will bring everyone up to date on my daughter. Her surgery went well and she had a good night, except for pain. She has a pump in her leg that administers a numbing medicine to block the pain, and it ran out of meds in the night. She is taking oral meds and is doing well with them. She has about ten pins in her ankle and leg and then plates on top of that. The inside of her leg and ankle look like a Gladiator Sandal. She is right in style, but the only way you can see it is with the xray.

While I was at my daughter's house, I finished reading Doctor in Petticoats by Mary Connealy. If you are a fan of Mary's books, you know this one is as funny as the rest of them. In fact, I think this is as funny as Petticoat Ranch and The Husband Tree. It may be a wee bit funnier. The story is so good.

Mary draws you into the book with the first sentence and then it's hard to put it down. This book includes the McClellan family we met in Petticoat Ranch and the Tanner/Hardin family in The Husband Tree. With both of these being my favorite, it had to be a winner.

The story opens with Beth McClellan trying to get home for her sister's wedding. There is a stage coach accident and Mandy McClellan gets married without her. From there the story splits and it is about Mandy and her husband Sidney and Beth and a doctor/army deserter Alex. If I say much more, I will divulge the whole story.

My husband started reading it at the hospital yesterday and had to leave the book for my daughter to finish. I couldn't tell him anything coming home. When one of us reads a book the other hasn't read, we won't tell anything that will take away the interest of the story.

If you read Petticoat Ranch and remember the antics of the McClellan girls, you will not be surprised of anything in this book. Mary writes the best hysterical historicals. That should be a whole new genre.

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