Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Surrender the Heart and A Cousin's Prayer

During the last two weeks I have read two very good books. The first one was Surrender the Heart by MaryLu Tyndall.

Most of you know I am a big fan or MaryLu's. Her pirate books are so good and you are in the scenes doing what everyone else is doing. I see myself on the sidelines looking on. That's what a good book should do. Make you part of it.

When I started reading this one, I realized it was not a pirate book, but a book about the War of 1812. I was sucked into the book with the first page and it was hard to put it down. Here is a little about it. Marianne Denton must marry to unlock her inheritance. Noah Brenin needs money for his merchant ships. Their parents decide they must marry each other for the money. They hate each other.

Noah runs out of their engagement party and Marianne follows him. She ends up on the merchant ship when it sails. What a good beginning. It gets better. They come in contact with a British man-of-war and they are impressed. She is left behind when Noah and three other captives escape. That's all I'll tell. You have to read the book to find out the ending.

I have been reading Wanda Brunstetter's books for years. She tells very good Amish stories and her writing is interesting. A Cousin's Prayer was no exception. It is so good and the suspense is always there. I usually read the last page about half way through the book, but I didn't do it this time and I am so glad I didn't.

This is the second book in the series Indiana Cousins. The first one was also good about what happened when several young Amish couples were involved in a car crash. Katie Miller's boyfriend, Timothy, was killed in the crash and her parents took her to Florida to recuperate. Now she is back for her cousin's wedding.

Katie has panic attacks and one of the Amish young men help her and encourage her. Freeman Bontrager has also had the attacks and he understands, A girl that is interested in him, Eunice Byler does not understand and starts a lot of rumors about Katie. Isn't Jealousy a mean person. Freeman is spending more time with Katie and she stops thinking about Timothy so much.

One point in the book, that stood out to me, was knowing it is all right to have counseling. You can work through depression. This is a very good book and I enjoyed it so much. Wanda is a good writer and a sweet person. I hope you will enjoy her books.

I'm on my way to the doctor this afternoon. My daughter has to have a second opinion on her leg and hopefully the swelling will go down soon and she can get some relief. The break is not good. I saw the x-ray and it looks to be broken several times. Please pray for her.

One other thing, I am reading my book straight through and it is going well. I want to finish it today if I can. I was afraid it would be choppy, but it is not. I'm pleased with what I have read so far.

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