Monday, September 13, 2010

Congratulations Sandi Rog

We, who are members of American Christian Fiction Writers Book of the Month Club, are so proud of Sandi Rog. Her book, The Master's Wall, was voted for the January, 2011 Book of the Month. If you have read my blogs before, you know Sandi was my editor and is a very good friend and sister in Christ. She was also my roommate at last years ACFW Conference in Denver.

Besides writing and editing, Sandi is also a devoted wife and mother. Her family are jewels and I know she is the sparkle in that gem. Her husband is so nice and the children are very well-behaved and polite. One thing that impressed me, and I don't think Sandi realizes this, was when we ate dinner together. She and her husband were talking and the children drew me into their conversation so I would not feel left out. How many teens and pre-teens do you know who would do that? So mature and thoughtful.

You can order The Master's Wall at It will be out on November 1, but if you pre-order the shipping is free. I have read the first chapter and I loved it. It is graphic, but not as bad as some books I have read. Let me rephrase that. It is graphic in a Christian way. You will not be embarrassed to read it.

Sandi is receiving great reviews and she deserves them. She is a mighty storyteller. The other day she read me part of a book she is working on. Chills ran down my spin, it was so detailed and believable. Her book is set in the first century and gives us views of what the early Christians went through. Even reading the Bible and other history, we know they were persecuted beyond belief. This book will put you in the head of a young boy who watches his parents being arrested and tortured.

I am hoping Sandi will do an interview with me on November 1 when her book releases. I guess I'm a little partial to her, but her writing is refreshing and wonderful. You won't regret reading this book.


  1. Thank you, Kathy. Your blog is beautiful, by the way! :-)

  2. I meant to add, I'd love to do an interview on your blog! :-)

  3. Thanks Sandi and I'm anxious to get my ARC and start reading.