Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Nina and The Pinta

We had a wonderful Labor Day yesterday. The highlight had to be The Nina and The Pinta. The reproductions of these two ships was amazing. They were supposed to be the correct size as the original one. The Nina is on the right. It was the smallest of the two. Still, it was too small for me to even think about living for months and months on end in these cramped quarters. We talked about storms they had encountered. How could a ship that small even stand against the storms?

The Pinta was a larger boat, but not much. I think the children were struck by the starkness of the boats. I am sure they did not go to a lot of trouble to make them pretty as we do today. They had to be coated with tar so water would not get inside them. They did not have to worry about other ships on the ocean back then. They were the only ones, so there was no need to be recognized by other vessels. An interesting thought was the accommodations. With those small boats, there was only room for a hammock at night. It wouldn't have taken long to scrub the deck.

I didn't get the pictures right, but the first one is the Pinta and the next is the Nina. They were an amazing sight and a good ending to our day.

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