Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Five Days And Counting

Five days till surgery and I am counting! I will be so relieved to get it over with and learn how to manage with a knee replacement. I'm also looking forward to going through the airport and setting the alarm off again.

Thursday my husband and I went to a Joint Replacement Class at the hospital where I will have surgery. That was the best thing I have done in a while. The nurses, anesthetist and therapist all came in and told us what would happen before and after surgery. It was very informative.
I will have a pump in my thigh that will administer pain medicine for twenty-four hours. My daughter had the same thing and it helped in her recovery. My doctor prefers no bandages, so my incision will be open. He will stitch the inside of the incision and use super glue on the outside. This will be great because I can shower sooner.

They gave us exercises to start doing now to help our muscles. The therapist said it would be easier when we go to therapy. She also said we should be walking without assistance sooner.

I've heard the nay-sayers, but I have heard more positive comments than negative. I know it won't be hurting as much as it is now. I can stand five more days of this. The pain is very bad, but the pain medicine is good.

I'm beginning to put my things in my suitcase. The hospital has WiFi and I can take my cell phone. I know my cell will go with me, but I'm still trying to decide about my computer. I could get some work done, but I doubt if I will feel like it.

This is another adventure in my life.

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