Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Internet Lost, Internet found

Last week-end our little writers group had a workshop. It was so much fun and we seemed to gel with each other. We all had a wonderful week-end and learned so much. I feel blessed to have these women around to encourage and correct me.

While I was gone, I tried to hook up to the hotel's internet, but couldn't. There was a Best Western behind our hotel and their internet was unsecured, so I hooked into them. Well, I should have paid more attention when the warning came up that it might damage my computer, because I have had trouble since then.

I have finally gotten on the internet  for the first time since Friday. Now, internet withdrawal is not a good thing. I was lucky that I could get on the other computers, but I have everything set up so good here with my blogging and website. It's just a click away.

What am I thankful for today? Internet! It's really stressful and I have a lot to do in a few weeks. I'm getting ready to send a query letter to a publishing company. I do so want to publish my book and I am praying that I can sign a contract. 

I am also so thankful to have a wonderful mentor in Tiffany Colter. I have been working with her for about two years now and she is a gem. She finds my mistakes and guides me along the way. I don't know what I would do without her. 

I started taking her Writers Career Coach classes and now she is editing for me. I could not ask for a sweeter, nicer woman. If anyone is a beginning writer, I highly recommend her. 

Well, I have a lot to do now that I can get on the World Wide Web. So, I'm off until tomorrow.

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