Monday, March 2, 2009

Writing News

The writing news is not about me, but about a friend of mine. I first met Crystal when she first moved to the US. She was looking for clothes and the sizes threw her for a loop. Sometimes we meet people and we feel like we have known them all of our lives and that was the way Crystal and I felt. She was a nurse while she lived here and when my mother had to have home health care, Crystal was one of her nurses.

She came in one day and announced she and her husband were moving back to Australia. I knew Mother's care would not be the same because we both had grown so comfortable with Crystal. She left before Mother passed away, but we kept in touch.

In one email from her, she told me she was taking a class in creative writing. I told her she would have to write now. Saturday night when I went to turn the computer off, I had a message from her and the subject was "My Book." At that writing she had 8,000 words which is a good start. I am anxious to know more about what it is about, whether nursing or Australia. It should be interesting.

As for my book, I am waiting to receive my latest edit. This is like birthing a baby and not knowing whether it will be a boy or a girl. I feel the pains and hope there are not too many mistakes, but I am sure there are. I get so bored correcting, but it has to be done. I think that when I finish this book, I will know more what I am doing. These people who can pump out a book in twelve weeks have pumped out so many of them that it is easy to do. 

I must get busy. I have the whole day to myself.

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