Thursday, March 5, 2009

Writing and Dieting

Is that not a good subject? It really is because when we write, we are not active. When we are not active, we gain weight. How can we overcome that?

One way is to eat less, but that makes my belly growl. Another way is to exercise, but I get so sore when I do that and my knees won't let me do some exercises. What am I to do?

Tuesday I was waiting for my husband to see the doctor and picked up one of the medical magazines in the waiting room. There was an article on dieting and losing weight, I naturally flipped to it first. There I may have found my answer.

Someone had written an article about their grandmother who lived to be ninety-six and never was fat. They said she always said to, "eat like a king at breakfast, a prince at lunch and a pauper for dinner." Good advice I thought.

Our biggest meal is dinner but two hundred years ago, it was lunch which they called "dinner." For some, it would be a table laden with meats, vegetables and fruits in season. There would be biscuits and cornbread and then dessert. When you think about it, that's not a bad idea. Because of the way we live today, it is impossible unless you don't work. 

My husband and I both love a big breakfast, a good lunch and a small dinner. That is what I am planning today. I prepared plenty of carbs this morning so we can work them off during the day. For lunch, there won't be as many and for dinner, we will probably have a salad.

I am not forgetting exercise. I feel better if I exercise an hour each day and I firm up and lose weight. I have neglected it lately, but today I start back. This also clears my mind and my brain can function better. I want to live to write several more books and this is one way I feel I can do it.

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