Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Slap My Hands, I Missed Again

Before my sweet niece calls me to see if I have quit my blog, I'll give you my answers for not writing. It just did not get done yesterday. Busy, beautiful day, company, rushing around, anything else you can think of.

It was beautiful and warm yesterday and it is supposed to be more of the same today. My daughter and granddaughter came Sunday night and left yesterday morning. A short visit, but a good one. 

We went to town on Monday. I had to get medicine at the drug store, a small town still has a drug store. One of the women that works there is a friend and I guess I have known her since she was born. When we were leaving, she came up and asked my daughter and granddaughter if they knew they would ruin their reputation by running around with me. My daughter went along with her, but my granddaughter had a funny look on her face. That was not the end.

We went to our favorite hamburger place, locally owned, and one of the owners took my order. The first thing he said was, "Do you know who you are running around with? She can ruin your reputation." We kidded for a few minutes and he really gave me a hard time as always. I don't think my granddaughter knew what to say. We had to explain in a small town everyone knows you and you can kid a lot when you can't in a city. They live in Nashville and they are lucky if they know who lives two houses down from them.

Small towns are wonderful and I put my characters in small towns. That is where I am most comfortable. We do know most of the hometown folks. I feel comfortable speaking to everyone I meet in the grocery store and on the street. 

I love my small historic town. I walk on the same places the Davy Crockett, Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson and James K. Polk walked, to name a few. I know there are others, but they don't come to my feeble brain right now. I love talking to people that I have known all my life and feeling comfortable and proud when I walk by the courthouse and see the eternal flame for those lost in service to our country. The historic district is beautiful. The houses are still well-kept and the store fronts look like they did a hundred years ago. The only difference from 100 years ago is paved streets and brick or concrete sidewalks.  My home town is the best.

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