Thursday, May 7, 2009

Back at Home

We are back at home at last. I enjoyed Scotland so much, but there's no place like home. 

There has been a lot of rain since we left and we had storms last night. The grass is green, but not as green as Scotland grass. I miss seeing the sheep dotting the countryside. The hedges in the fence rows were so beautiful and I do miss seeing that. I tried to talk Jerry into moving the hedges that dot our farm and put them in the fence rows. He somehow didn't like that idea.

Things I learned:
1. How to make a "Caramel Cake" although it's really a pie. Take a can of condensed milk, cover it with water in a pan, boil on the stove for 2-3 hours. Makes delicious caramel. Pour into a mini pie shell and sprinkle with chocolate sprinkles. Delicious.
2. I do love scones and I can't wait to try my hand with them. 
3. A lot of history and a wonderful new idea for a book. I have to finish the two in my current series before I can start it. I will have a lot of research to do before I can start, but that is fun for me.
4. Scots have beautiful voices. I love to hear them talk and sing.
5. Scots are a loving people and so friendly. 
6. I miss the quietness of Scotland. No loud cars with radio's turned on high, high. It was very quiet on the streets.

Are we going back, yes! There is so much more to see. I may need a wheelchair when we go back, in fact both of us may need one. It seemed my Scottish blood came out in me while we were there. Can I roll my "r", certainly, if I want to. I'm in America and I will speak like I always have, but aye, we had a lovely time.


  1. Wonderful post and photos, Katt. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Stupid question of the day...regarding the caramel cake, does one boil the actual can of evaporated milk in water, or just the contents? I wasn't sure how to read that.

  2. Hello Kathy,
    What a wonderful experience to be back in the Land of the Free... so wild and exotic.
    To walk the same ground as the famous of yesteryear. If ghosts could be seen, I am sure there were many watching. A truely blessed journey for you.

  3. You boil the whole can submerged in water. Do not open the can and you don't boil a hard boil. I haven't tried it yet, but I will have to.

    I thought about what it would have been like back then. The stone steps were hollowed where so many people had walked. We are planning to go back in a year or two.

    I do love Crystal. She was my mother's nurse when she was here in the states. I love her so much. We write often. I really met her when she first arrived in the US. She was looking for a bra, of all things, and the sizes were so different. We have had a lot of fun and good memories.