Friday, May 29, 2009

More Beauty of Scotland

Isn't this an unusual flower? This was growing in the church yard where my nephew preaches. It is a Snake Head Fritilory. The spelling may be wrong. I thought Arlene was saying Fertility, but she wasn't. This was the purple one and there was a white one also. It looks like a snakes head and it is so unusual, it was pretty.

I looked at the pictures this morning and wanted to go back to Scotland. It is so beautiful. Even when it was cloudy and the wind blew cold, it was still pretty. Next time, I will take warmer clothes and not leave my jacket someplace.

I'm trying to keep the goals I have set for myself. I missed by 497 words yesterday, but I think I can make them up today. I'm rewriting Callie's Mountain when I finish my 2,000 words each day. Then I still have time to clean and do laundry. 

Next week, we are moving my office to the basement. That way I will not be tempted to get on the computer when I need to be working on the house. No more games at odd hours. It will help me to be able to leave and know I won't be running into the office to do things other than work during my computer hours. I will also have a guest room that is not cluttered with writing junk.

I'm going to find the pictures of the beautiful gardens in Scotland and try to get them posted. They were beautiful. I tried to get my husband to do one for me, but I think he thinks it is too much work. It is!

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